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Why join with AmazingTalker?

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Earn extra income

In AmazingTalker, teachers are free to set their teaching fees. Online teaching can be very rewarding and easier for the teachers.
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Build your reputation

Build your reputation through your teaching quality and experience. More experience and higher teaching quality allow you to find more students.
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Flexible schedule

You have freedom to decide your own schedule and manage it. The students will choose whenever they are available, according to your schedule.

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Fast application process

It only takes 30 seconds to complete the application process, and you can start teaching immediately.
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No additional cost

Have your own full‐time job, and also teaching in your own free time. Most importantly, we don't charge you anything.

Teacher FAQ

1.Do I need teaching experience?

We recommend you to have a relevant teaching experience. But if you don't have any, you can still apply to us.

4.How do I apply for teaching at AmazingTalker?

Submit AmazingTalker application form and please wait for our review.

2.Do you require teaching experience?

We don't require any teaching qualification. However, if you do have one, it is an advantage for you.

5.Can I teach another language other than Chinese?

Yes, you can teach another language other than Chinese, as long as you have the qualification to do so.

3.Do I have to be a native speaker to teach?

We do prefer native speakers to teach our students. However, we will consider a non‐native speaker with excellent language proficiency.

6.When will I be notified about my application?

You will receive notification within 2 weeks. Due to a lot of applicants, we only pick the best candidate. If you have not received any notification within 2 weeks, you can apply once again.


1.How often will I receive my payment?

The detail of your payment will be sent monthly on the 10th. After you confirm the payment, you will receive your money on the 15th.

2.How do I find more student?

Rest assured, since finding students is our responsibility, you just need to pay attention to students evaluation. You are more than welcome to introduce more students about this website!!

Technical FAQ

1.What do I need to teach in AmazingTalker?

A good Internet connection, webcam and microphone.

2.I have all the equipment necessary and now what?

We teach through Zoom. If you don't know how to use one, no problem. It is very easy to use!
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