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Teaches Spanish
Speak English
Rate US$17.00~US$20.00 USD/Hour

My name is Elena and I am 29 years old. I am Spanish, but since October 2015 I have been living in England. I am teaching Spanish here to adults and teenegers. I study Philosophy and a Teacher Training Master. In Spain I taught Spanish for six years, both private lessons as refresher classes at a Secondary school. I love to teach, and all my studies and experience are about education. I also love the Spanish, my language, so teach Spanish is interesting, motivating and fun for me. I really enjoy teaching Spanish. I'm used to prepare my classes, do my teaching schedules for each student, seek, create, adapt and organize materials and resources for my classes. Regarding my character, I am so patient, wich I think is essential to teach. I am also enthusiastic, and I am able to transmit that enthusiasm to my students and motivate, encourage and support them. In my lessons, I always teach some new content (always followed by exercises to practice what they have learned), and I also review thinghs that the student have leart before. By exercises I understand written, oral, listening exercises, watching videos, songs, games and different techniques to get the student talk. I like to do a balance between all these resources, mixing the most "boring" or static things, with others that are more fun and dynamic, because then I get the student's attention does not wane. And another thing that I find very important and I always do is adapt the lesson to each student (giving more emphasis on things the student has more problems, giving them more material and giving materials to practice on their own). But I also adapt the lesson according with their personal preferences. Therefore, balanced and personalized classes, so that students have more success learning Spanish.

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manuel cases

(6 lessons taught)
Teaches Spanish
Speak English
Rate US$18.00~US$19.00 USD/Hour

Are you interested in Cultural Immersion Online lessons? Have you got a job interview, a meeting, an official exam or you just want to improve your oral level? I can help you! This Top Quality Conversation Lessons will be personalized taking into account your interests and goals focusing on Conversational Spanish. I want you to feel comfortable speaking Spanish in all situations. ​ Book a free trial lesson with me and let´s meet each other. I can check your Oral Level and show you the best way to improve. I will personalize a plan for you according to your needs so you can start improving from the first lesson. I am looking forward to meeting you, I would love to help you. ​ Take a look at my website here: "Thanks to Manuel's superb teaching approach, I end each lesson amazed at how much I've learned in just one hour." Jason (Williamsburg/NY) ​ "I am taking part in a challenge where I am learning Spanish in 90 days! The goal is to have a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker. It is only day 60 and I just had a 20 minute plus conversation! I am still in shock. Thank you so much for your support, Manuel" Emma (Portsmouth/England) ​ "Manuel is a great teacher. He speaks very clearly and is willing to structure the lesson the way that you prefer. I have been having conversations with him about various random topics which has definitely improved my fluency" Paul (Red Deer/Canada) ​ "Manuel es un excellente profesor. His encouraging attitude and his ability to inspire confidence are outstanding attributes in a teacher." Jordan (Melbourne/Australia) ​ "Manuel is a great teacher. He speaks very clearly and is willing to structure the lesson the way that you prefer. I have been having conversations with him about various random topics which has definitely improved my fluency" Paul (Brisbane/Australia)

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Cristina Domènech Miret

(3 lessons taught)
Teaches English Italian French Spanish
Rate US$22.00~US$25.00 USD/Hour

My name is Cristina and I come from Barcelona although I’m currently living in Italy, where I’ve been teaching for 2 years. Before that, I taught in the UK and Spain as well. I’m a certified English, Spanish and French teacher (but I also teach Catalan and Italian) with experience in language schools, high schools, banks, companies and online lessons. I can teach general language or specialized language. The method I use with my students is the one I’ve learned, not only in the courses I attended to become a certified teacher but also in my daily experience as a teacher and as a student. First of all, a level assessment is needed. I will ask you to use your trial lesson to let me evaluate you, so I’ll ask you about yourself, your experience in learning the language you want to learn, to tell me about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and the type of activities you most enjoy doing in your language lessons. Your lesson will be tailormade, just for you, according to all those things. I normally use very divers materials, from student books (especially for the lower levels) to online resources (especially for the higher levels). I use all these to elaborate our own materials, so that in every session I will include some grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and mostly speaking, all of it in context (a very important element to memorize and understand). For every session, some material will be sent to you before the lesson so you can take a look at it in advance and follow all the explanations and activities afterwards. When we finish, I will send you some extra clarifications if it’s necessary, as well as, extra grammar and vocabulary practice to revise our lesson.

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