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哈囉,我是 Jill!四年的英語教學經驗中,我教過成人、也教過小孩。我對教學非常有熱忱,能夠讓學生理解所有的課程細節與架構、在課後能擁有在各種情境將英文使用自如的能力。但是,首先呢,吸引學生的注意、並引起其學習英語的興趣是首要任務! 對我來說,教學是一件非常值得花費心思的事。在我的學生當中,已有不少人通過雅思考試、並旅居於英國或歐洲他國。更令我高興的是,有些學生現在正在世界知名的企業公司工作呢!另外,在學生們努力學習後,我為他們的成就獲得感到開心。我希望,在未來我能擁有更多這樣的喜悅。關於教學的部分,我可以提供雅思的相關教材和全民英檢所需的英語練習。 我的教學範圍非常廣泛,從基礎到進階英文,內容涵蓋商業英文、廣告英文、書信或是他種正式文件。我也能幫忙校改文件喔! 為了幫助學生學習,我願意搜尋、研究任何能引起學生學習興趣的主題。如果有任何問題,隨時歡迎提問。謝謝你願意花時間認識我呦! - 以上為 AmazingTalker 協助翻譯 Hello I'm Jill. I've been teaching English for four years. I've taught adults, as well as kids. I am very passionate about teaching English in a way that the student would understand every minute detail of the structure so that he can manipulate it to fit any situation that he may be in. But the first thing is to get the students attention and to keep him hooked on learning English. For me, there is something very rewarding in teaching. I've had many students who passed the IELTS and are already in the UK or another European country. I also rejoiced with some students who got a much-coveted job in a world-famous company. I love to also feel the joy that my students have when they've already had success after having worked so hard. I hope I can experience more of that. I can provide materials for IELTS and GEPT test practice. I can teach from the very basic structure to the complicated ones which can be used for BUSINESS ENGLISH, ADVERTISEMENTS, letters, and other formal documents. I can help with editing written documents as well. I can research whatever topic that interests my students. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. Thank you for reading!

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嗨 我叫Emilio,我有幾年的英語教學經驗,我的學生大部分來自日本、韓國和中國。我從1988年開始就是位自由業者英語教師。 我會把自己形容成一位用功、誠實、思考正面積極而且還是友善的人,對於要求會相當順從,而且還是個很受教的人。 我會謹慎地遵從指示,但同時本身也是個相當主動積極的人。 我會說這份工作讓我改變相當的大。我的工作經驗讓我變得更有耐心,理解力更加強,也成為一個熱情的人。 教學這份工作讓我了解到我很幸運可以學習如何說英文,而且也可以教其他想要學習如何開口說英文的人。 我所遇到的每位學生都讓我學習到如何去適用不同個性的人格特質、對事的態度和特點,也讓我了解到學生的文化、當地傳統和不同的信仰,我從我學生身上學到的東西遠遠超過我教他們的東西。 幫助他人是件可以讓人覺得充足的事情,而且我也覺得這是件很棒的事情,身為一個工商管理學碩士生,我也可以教商業領域中的同行商業英語的重要專業術語。我也有能力跟對於健康問題有興趣的人的人討論健康議題。 - 以上為 AmazingTalker 協助翻譯 Hi, my name is Emilio and I have been teaching English for foreign students, mostly Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese for many years. In fact, I started as a freelance English Teacher in 1998. I would describe myself as a hardworking, honest, positive, friendly, submissive and teachable attitude. I carefully follow instructions but has the personal initiative at the same time. I would say that this job made me become a changed person as well. And my years of teaching experience have made me more patient, understanding, and passionate person. Teaching made me realized how lucky I am learning how to speak English and be of help to those who want to learn how to speak in English. Every student I met helped me learn to adjust to different personalities, attitude, and traits, also impart to me his culture, tradition, and beliefs which in return made me more flexible and these are more than the compensation I get out of teaching them. Being of help to others is very fulfilling. And I feel great about it. Being a graduate of Business Administration I can also teach business English where specific term use for business is important for business people to be able to impart business ideas to their business counterparts. I too am able to discuss specific health issues for those who are interested in learning more about health concerns.

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