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Edward Yang

(4 lessons taught)
Teaches Chinese
Speak English
Rate US$12.00~US$14.00 USD/Hour

Hello, everyone. I’m Edward. I’m from Taiwan. My major in university is Chinese literature, and I took the courses of teaching Chinese as second language. I had many experience of interning in classes, and met many foreign friends. Sometimes we even hanged out together. I taught Mandarin Chinese in Philippines for one year, and the students were from grade 2 to grade 4. Not only teach them the basic Mandarin Chinese, but also let them to do some handicrafts and some knowledge of Chinese culture. In the end, my students were even able to write exchanging Chinese letter with my Taiwanese friends. I tutored before, and they were Korean and English. I taught them the basic conversational Chinese, and I prepared the topics they were interested as well. So from kids to adults, I have the teaching experiences. In the class, I like to interact with my students, and they will have many chances to practice Chinese. Furthermore, I will design serval games for students, and they can learn Chinese while they are playing. Those who are interested in Chinese culture, I will also prepare some classes about this, and even you can try to make some handicrafts by yourself in the class. If you have any question before or after class, you can contact with me through my e-mail, line or wechat. I will reply you as soon as possible. Hope you guys like it. Thank you. See you next time. Byebye.

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