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大家好,首先我必須說我很榮幸能成為教師,因為我很喜歡與人互動。 我在英國的大學畢業於音樂系,之後我就在南非教音樂,我在14年前搬到台灣並開始教英文,我熱愛教育的原因是能和對方建立橋樑並互相學習,要使你的語言學習流利最重要的就是透過說出來,我能幫助你對話的能力當然還有文法,在你所需要的不管是學業上事業上我都能助你一臂之力,我有許多學生給我許多正面的評價,我教學的風格是誘發你並帶領你讓你去發現這個語言,你會感受到你一步一步在進步中,那是多麼令人興奮阿! 在台灣,我的學生有小學生、國高中生及大學生,也有商業英文的課程。我非常樂意帶領你一起學習。 - 以上為 AmazingTalker 協助翻譯 Good day everyone. Firstly I have to say that I'm honoured to be able to teach. Since it involves people and meeting people and those are two big passions of mine. I graduated with a degree in music at the University of the Free State, South Africa, after which I started teaching music in South Africa. I moved to Taiwan fourteen years ago where I've been teaching English ever since. What I love about teaching is the fact that we can build bridges to each other and learn from each other. The best way to get your head around language fluency is simply talking. I can help you in conversational English and surely teach you the grammar that goes along with it too. I can help you with school work, business, grammar anything you need. I've had lots of positive feedback from previous students. My style is teaching through eliciting and thereby LEADING you to discover the language and grammar by yourself. That makes it exciting and you'll feel how you make progress step by step. In Taiwan, I've taught in Elementary schools, junior and senior high and also university level, then, also corporate and business English. I'd love to lead you in learning!

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