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Koichi Sembu

(3 lessons taught)
Teaches Japanese
Speak English Chinese
Rate US$24.00~US$26.00 USD/Hour

私の学生は、小学生、中学生、高校生、大学生、会社員、社長さん、お医者さん、語学教師、俳優、歌手、スポーツ選手など様々です。日常会話やビジネス会話の練習から、政治や経済の話、日本語能力試験(JLPT)、日本留学試験(EJU)、BJTビジネス日本語能力テスト(BJT)、会社の入社面接練習などを教えることができます。 レッスンのコースは5つありますが、まずトライアルレッスンを受けてください。トライアルレッスンではこれからの勉強の進め方について話し合います。 (1. マンツーマンコース について) このコースでは、あなたが用意した資料を使ってレッスンを行います。日本の文化に関すること、日本の新聞、小説、漫画、アニメ、映画など、なんでも結構です。また、テキストブックを使ったレッスンも行っています。(レッスン時間は50分です。) (2. JLPT preparation Lesson 日本語能力試験対策レッスン N5,N4,N3,N2,N1 について) このコースでは、JLPT試験でN5,N4,N3,N2,N1を受験する予定の人を対象としたコースです。各レッスンでは文法、語彙、読解、聴解、漢字の勉強を行います。毎回レッスンのあと宿題があります。また試験当日までに実際の試験と同じ時間を使って模擬試験数回を行います。(レッスン時間は50分です。) (3. ビジネス会話・就職面接・業務コース について) このコースでは、敬語を使って面接練習やビジネス会話を勉強します。また、社内文書、プレゼン資料の作り方、emailの書き方などを学習します。(レッスンは50分です) (4. BJT ビジネス日本語能力テスト 受験対策レッスン について) BJTビジネス日本語能力テストを受験する予定の人を対象としたコースです。(レッスンは50分です) (5. EJU 日本留学試験 受験対策レッスン について) EJU 日本留学試験を受験する予定の人を対象としたコースです。(レッスンは50分です)

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Cristina Domènech Miret

(3 lessons taught)
Teaches English Italian French Spanish
Rate US$22.00~US$25.00 USD/Hour

My name is Cristina and I come from Barcelona although I’m currently living in Italy, where I’ve been teaching for 2 years. Before that, I taught in the UK and Spain as well. I’m a certified English, Spanish and French teacher (but I also teach Catalan and Italian) with experience in language schools, high schools, banks, companies and online lessons. I can teach general language or specialized language. The method I use with my students is the one I’ve learned, not only in the courses I attended to become a certified teacher but also in my daily experience as a teacher and as a student. First of all, a level assessment is needed. I will ask you to use your trial lesson to let me evaluate you, so I’ll ask you about yourself, your experience in learning the language you want to learn, to tell me about your goals, your strengths and weaknesses and the type of activities you most enjoy doing in your language lessons. Your lesson will be tailormade, just for you, according to all those things. I normally use very divers materials, from student books (especially for the lower levels) to online resources (especially for the higher levels). I use all these to elaborate our own materials, so that in every session I will include some grammar and vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and mostly speaking, all of it in context (a very important element to memorize and understand). For every session, some material will be sent to you before the lesson so you can take a look at it in advance and follow all the explanations and activities afterwards. When we finish, I will send you some extra clarifications if it’s necessary, as well as, extra grammar and vocabulary practice to revise our lesson.

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Finn Jones

(55 lessons taught)
Teaches English
FromUnited Kingdom
Rate US$25.00~US$25.00 USD/Hour

大家好! 我是Finn,來自英國,我在台灣擁有教師資格,目前定居於美國。 我是一位英語母語者,會流利的普通話。我有一口“標準”英國口音(接收發音),但必要時我也可以降低。 我在實體教室教ESL約6年,有3年的線上教學經驗。我相信在全英語環境中的結構學習是一種方式。 除了紮實的課程,我也想在課程中介紹文化、歷史背景、西方幽默和時事。畢竟這些元素被低估了,但這關乎語言的理解。與我一起學習英語就像在海外旅行! 讓我們輕鬆學習,事半功倍。 如果你尋求實際的互動或客制化課程,提升個人職業生涯,歡迎體驗我的課程,讓我們在樂趣中學習! - 以上為 AmazingTalker 協助翻譯 Greetings! I'm Finn from the UK, based in Taiwan as a certified teacher and currently living in the USA. I am a native English speaker and very fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Yes, I have a "standard" British accent (Received Pronunciation) but I can also tone it down when necessary. I've been teaching ESL in classrooms for almost 6 years and on-line for 3. I believe structural learning in a full-English environment is the way to go. Besides a solid curriculum, I'd like to introduce cultural references, historical backgrounds, western humour and recent events into my classroom. After all, those elements, though underestimated are crucial to comprehending a language. Learning English with me is like taking a trip overseas! We learn smart not hard. If you seek an authentic conversation or a customised course to advance your career, experience a class with me and let’s have some fun! ***DEAR NEW STUDENTS*** Be kindly noted that trial sessions are typically longer than 30 minutes, so please plan accordingly. The meeting aims to demonstrate a standard curriculum, evaluate abilities/ needs and determine the best lesson plan for you. Show up relaxed and reserve extra time so we can get to know each other!

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