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Teaches English
Speak Hindi
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哈囉,大家好~ 我叫作 Srikanth Damarla,不過呢,你可以叫我 Shri。我是英裔印度人(半個英國人),曾在英國就學、居住了十年。在搬到印尼教授英文之前,我曾在英國的希爾頓飯店和 Subway 工作過,時間超過四年。 我是一位合格的英語外語教師,目前已在印尼教授英語會話一年半左右。同時,過去十個月內我都有在線上教授英語,學生有華人、義大利人和西班牙人。 我的教學風格: 我個人堅信,比起無趣的課程,規律且正規的對話練習更能增進英語口說能力。所以呢,我喜歡用輕鬆、無負擔的方式上課,也保證你能在課程中增進字彙量和句構能力。 同時,有些學生喜歡用英文談論某些重要議題,我希望能滿足學生們的需求。比起成為你們的老師,我更想當你們的朋友喔! 我的興趣: 旅遊、看電影、徒步旅遊 - 以上為 AmazingTalker 協助翻譯 Hello Everyone, My name is Srikanth Damarla and you can call me Shri. I am a British origin Indian (Half-British). I studied and lived in UK for 10 years. I worked in Hilton Hotels and Subway for over 4 years in UK before moving to teach English in Indonesia. I am TEFL qualified and have been teaching 'Conversational English' for past 1.5 years in Indonesia. I also have been teaching English online for past 10 months to Chinese, Italians and Spanish students. My Teaching Style: I personally do believe that English speaking can be improved through a regular and normal conversation rather than boring lesson style. So my teaching style is completely casual and at the same time ensure you improve your vocabulary and sentence structuring. At same time, I also want to cater to students who love lessons by creating a few on important topics needed in English. I would love to be your buddy rather than a teacher. Interests: Travelling, Movies, and Trekking.

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Rishi Kumar

Teaches Hindi Urdu Punjabi
Speak English
Rate US$10.00~US$10.00 USD/Hour

Hello! My name’s Rishi and I’m a native Hindi and Urdu speaker from the India. I have a Bachelor’s and master's degree. I have been teaching Hindi and Urdu for 3 years to students from all over the world. As you can hear, I have a very clear accent and good pronunciation. I am a calm and patient person and I cultivate a warm and friendly atmosphere in my lessons. My courses are client tailored; designed to meet a client's specific learning needs. Emphasis is always on developing practical, relevant and effective skills and knowledge. My classes are generally conducted via Skype or Google Plus with video and audio. I create and design my own materials. At the end of each lesson I will give you feedback to correct any mistakes and offer you encouragement and praise. I look forward to speaking with you. Rishi :-) How do I work? Trial session: This is for me the opportunity to know you better, to assess your level of Hindi/Urdu and to set objectives together. It is very important for me to know what you enjoy doing because it allows me to plan classes according to your interests and needs. Beginner level: I will provide you a written lesson and "homework" (practice) after the class so that you can work on what we have done and be prepared for the next class. I will provide you both written and oral (comprehension) exercises. Intermediate/advanced level: I will send you a preparation 2 days before the class : an article, a short video or even a movie if you want to improve your oral comprehension. During the class, I will ask you questions about it and we will share opinions. Related to the article or video, we will practice one or two specific grammar points depending on your level. Informal Course : This class also involves some preparation. Depending on your interests, you will read an article of your choice (or watch a video) or I will send you one if you do not have time to look for it. The class will be a conversation about the topic.

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