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Edward Yang

(4 lessons taught)
Teaches Chinese
Speak English
Rate US$12.00~US$14.00 USD/Hour

Hello, everyone. I’m Edward. I’m from Taiwan. My major in university is Chinese literature, and I took the courses of teaching Chinese as second language. I had many experience of interning in classes, and met many foreign friends. Sometimes we even hanged out together. I taught Mandarin Chinese in Philippines for one year, and the students were from grade 2 to grade 4. Not only teach them the basic Mandarin Chinese, but also let them to do some handicrafts and some knowledge of Chinese culture. In the end, my students were even able to write exchanging Chinese letter with my Taiwanese friends. I tutored before, and they were Korean and English. I taught them the basic conversational Chinese, and I prepared the topics they were interested as well. So from kids to adults, I have the teaching experiences. In the class, I like to interact with my students, and they will have many chances to practice Chinese. Furthermore, I will design serval games for students, and they can learn Chinese while they are playing. Those who are interested in Chinese culture, I will also prepare some classes about this, and even you can try to make some handicrafts by yourself in the class. If you have any question before or after class, you can contact with me through my e-mail, line or wechat. I will reply you as soon as possible. Hope you guys like it. Thank you. See you next time. Byebye.

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Amy Lin

Teaches English Chinese
FromUnited States
Rate US$17.00~US$20.00 USD/Hour

At a Glance 1. Full time online teacher (LOVE my work!!! ^^) 2. Started teaching since June 2013 (part time hobby turned into a full-time career) 3. Experience working with children & adult learners 4. Can help with daily conversation, speaking, test preparation, and more 5. Born in China; immigrated to the USA at 12 简要 1. 全职在线教师(非常热爱我的工作!) 2. 2013 开始教学 (从业余爱好变成了全职工作) 3. 有教孩子和大人的经验 4. 可以辅导口语, 日常生活, 考试等 5. 出生于中国; 12 岁移民到美国 About Me - Content Creator / Article Writer / Language Learner I create Mandarin learning videos on YouTube, followed by lecture notes on my blog. I write 1 to 2 Chinese Mandarin learning articles every month for a reputable language learning site I am a language learner myself, so I completely understand the frustrations and obstacles that learners encounter! I want to make your learning process as enjoyable as possible. About My Class - Versatile Teaching Methods / Personalized I am a strong advocate when it comes to a personalized learning experience. I want to make sure my teaching style matches your learning needs. I am very flexible, and I will adjust my lesson style based on my student's progress and feedback. Lesson Structure Examples: * Structured/Systematic with a Textbook (with or without Homework) * Custom Materials (my own resources or your requests) * HSK Based Conversational Class * Freestyle Conversational Class I absolutely love my work! I love being able to help my students with their language learning journey. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My name is Amy, and I would love to meet you! :D 【关于我】 友善, 随和, 超有耐心 人生目标:开心果(非常开朗) 【教学哲理】 因材施教 / 熟能生巧 / 千里之行始于足下 【让你在轻松的语境下提高你的表达能力】 * 英文是我的第二语言, 所以我很明白在学习一门新语言时遇到的困难。 * 我也是名语言学者,这也对我编写教材和改进我的课程有很大的帮助。 * 学一门语言是一段旅程, 我希望我可以让你的旅程更加愉快。 * 学习外语最大的一个收获是能流利地与人沟通, 让你的生活更加的丰富。 所以我的课程重点是帮你开口说英文,提高口语水平。 * 如果你害怕开口说英文的话,我希望我可以给你提供一个轻松的语境来练习。 我不会咬人的哦~! (暂时不会 ^ ^)。 作为一名老师, 我也在不断地学习, 让我们一起奋斗,一起努力吧!如果你有什么疑问, 请随时联系我。 我是 Amy,希望有机会认识你。 加油 ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノヾ

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