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About us

AmazingTalker is a start-up company founded in Taiwan. Our aim is to match up language teachers and students from all around the world. On AmazingTalker people can interact with native speakers directly to construct a learning environment similar to actually going abroad.
Our site launched in August 2016, and within the first month more than 200 classes were successfully completed. We continue to receive applications from more than a thousand teachers globally. However, through strict and thorough examination, we only consider the most qualified candidates.

Teachers from all over the world

The Core Team

  • Abner Chao

    Founder / CEO

    Formally working at TutorABC, Abner, worked his way up from being a top salesman to assistant manager. In this position he became dedicated to surpassing his sales goals and would later develop his talents in other fields. With a passion for boxing, Abner was working hard to earn money to become a professional boxer in Japan. After facing difficulties finding the right coach, Abner soon discovered that this setback would turn into the platform for his next great idea. He created an App called Bossbomb. Bossbomb, offered an online platform that matched sports coaches and students based on their needs.

    Combining his background in languages and app development, Abner’s greatest achievement was yet to come. He had realized that there was a market demand for language learners to looking for accessible ways to learn different languages, and so AmazingTalker was born. In cooperation with the co-founders, A-May and Sky, they developed this new language platform, connecting hundreds of language teachers and students from around the world.

  • A-May HSU

    Co-Founder / CMO

    With her previous experience as co-founder of a sports marketing company, it was not A-May’s first time building a company from the ground up. Alongside, her background in graphic design and marketing, she brought a fresh perspective to the AmazingTalker Team. A-May has always found a way to visually convey a strong brand identity and build a unique communication network.

    It has been her passion to make AmazingTalker more than just a brand. By creating a personalized language experience for each user, she has become the go-to person for all correspondence activities. A-May hopes to create more social connections on the AmazingTalker platform by finding new and innovation ways to share information.

  • Sky Wang

    Co-Founder / CTO

    Currently, as one of AmazingTalker’s main web developers, Sky is the one behind the website’s technical functions. He is also the organizer of WTT (Web Tech Topic), a skill-sharing meeting. His passion fot teaching and sharing his technical development skills has set him apart him from his peers. Sky has effectively combined user friendly platforms, with quick and reliable services that all parties are able to enjoy.

    As the CTO of AmazingTalker, he takes his time to ensure that the website runs as fast and as accurately as possible. At the same time, he is also an avid learner, who loves to learn languages, right here, on AmazingTalker.

  • Yumin Huang / 黃鈺閔

    Product Designer
  • Peter Jian / 簡育賢

    Full-Stack Developer

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