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西班牙文發音入門:4個小時就能熟讀全部西文單字! Spanish course


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Speak Spanish Mandarin Chinese

From China

has taught 465 sessions.

(5堂,10堂及20堂課時包有不同幅度優惠喔)大家好,我是西文教師Luisa Feng. 我的西班牙文學習和從業經驗已十年有餘,尤其是針對西文初級入門者和準備DELE初中級(A1-B2)考試的教學經驗頗豐。我在西班牙塞維利亞大學取得了我的碩士學位,專攻是西文語言學, 我對母語是華語的學生在學習西文過程中可能遇到的問題有著充分的了解,并在多年的學習和教學中摸索出了有效的學習方法。我的課堂輕鬆有趣,會針對每一位學生制定專屬學習計劃并提供免費教材,課堂筆記以及會課後答疑。趕快聯繫我吧!

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Information of the Courses

  • Language Levels

    Beginner 1 -

    Can read a very short, rehearsed statement.

  • What Will I Learn?




What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • 由於發音示範和學習需要看到口型,一定要確保視訊暢通再來上課。
  • 課下需要複習和練習。
  • 學會大舌音需要的時間因人而異,課程結束后也可能還未完全學會。

Who is your target student?

  • 適合零基礎學生

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • 學會所有西文字母的發音規則,以及西文單字的重音規則。
  • 4節課后,所有單字拼讀無困難!


  • Lesson 1: 西文發音系統介紹,學習所有元音和8個輔音(開始練習大舌音)

  • Lesson 2: 輔音學習:今日重點清輔音和濁輔音

  • Lesson 3: 二重元音+輔音連綴

  • Lesson 4: 重音規則講解+單字發音訓練

How to start?


  • After buying courses, you can arrange the them according to the teacher’s schedule.
  • If the teacher is able to do “Instant Tutoring”, you can make an appointment with the teacher at the upcoming time.
  • If the teacher is not online, the fastest possible course is 24 hours later.
  • If the available time on teacher’s calendar isn’t convenient for you, you can click “Contact Teacher” on the right to discuss with the teacher.

Purchasing notice:

  • The duration of a trial session is about 25 minutes.
  • The duration of a private session is about 50 minutes.


  • Enter the website 10 minutes before the class starts. Click “Calendar” on the function bar, find the class, click “Go to class”, and then you will be in the classroom on ZOOM!
  • If you haven’t downloaded ZOOM, the system will direct you to download it when you first click “Go to class”.
  • You can use ZOOM for classes both on your phone and computer. (Please download ZOOM in advance if you choose using phone for the class. )
  • In order to have a successful class experience, we suggest you use a microphone or headphones/microphone combination, and ensure that your network is stable prior to the class. You may also use a high-definition video camera (optional).
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