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Basic Spanish Spanish course


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From Spain

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Hi! My name's Francisco, I am a professional Spanish and English teacher. I have a long experience in e-learning environments and I can see that my students always pass their exams after some lessons with me. ...

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Information of the Courses

  • Language Levels

    Beginner 1 - Beginner 2

    Can read a very short, rehearsed statement.

  • What Will I Learn?

    Nowadays, it's important to talk more than one foreign language. That's why I have thought this basic course of Spanish for you.


Studying Spanish open many chances to work in Latin America and in Spain. If you need to learn your first words in Spanish, that's your online course. It does not matter if you start from zero or you have some idea of Spanish. This basic couse is crutial to travel, learn a new culture and prepare an official diploma of Instituto Cervantes (DELE TEST).

Book a trial lesson and I will give you further information of your interest to start.

What will students need to know or do before starting this course?

  • Students start from zero, so it is no necessary to know previous Spanish

Who is your target student?

  • Any student who wants to start with a basic level.

At the end of your course, students will be able to…

  • 1. Interacting in an easy way
  • 2. Raise and answer questions about yourself, the people you know, and the things you have or need around you.
  • 3. Make simple statements in areas of need or relating to very common issues and respond to questions of this type when they are formulated.
  • 4. Describing people, places or things.
  • 5. Expressed through non-verbal communication.


  • Lesson 1: How to introduce yourself

  • Lesson 2: How to talk about addresses and personal information.

  • Lesson 3: How to describe oneself and other people.

  • Lesson 4: Vocabulary of clothes

  • Lesson 5: Expressing needs, desires and preferences.

  • Lesson 6: How to say what time it is in Spanish

  • Lesson 7: Time vocabulary: days of the week, months, seasons.

  • Lesson 8: My daily routine

  • Lesson 9: Expressing frequency

  • Lesson 10: Vocabulary: house.

  • Lesson 11: Vocabulary: jobs.

  • Lesson 12: Expressing likes and dislikes, agreement and disagreement

  • Lesson 13: Vocabulary: food.

  • Lesson 14: Conversational Spanish: in a restaurant.

  • Lesson 15: Vocabulary: hobbies and leisure

  • Lesson 16: Vocabulary: parts of the body

  • Lesson 17: Conversational Spanish: visiting the doctor.

  • Lesson 18: Vocabulary: the weather

  • Lesson 19: To talk about the length of an action that is being done and talk about simultaneous actions.

  • Lesson 20: Going shopping

  • Lesson 21: Travelling

  • Lesson 22: Culture: ways of living in Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Lesson 23: Comparing the city and the countryside

  • Lesson 24: Writing: models of texts in basic Spanish.

  • Lesson 25: Final assessment.

How to start?


  • After buying courses, you can arrange the them according to the teacher’s schedule.
  • If the teacher is able to do “Instant Tutoring”, you can make an appointment with the teacher at the upcoming time.
  • If the teacher is not online, the fastest possible course is 24 hours later.
  • If the available time on teacher’s calendar isn’t convenient for you, you can click “Contact Teacher” on the right to discuss with the teacher.

Purchasing notice:

  • The duration of a trial session is about 25 minutes.
  • The duration of a private session is about 50 minutes.


  • Enter the website 10 minutes before the class starts. Click “Calendar” on the function bar, find the class, click “Go to class”, and then you will be in the classroom on ZOOM!
  • If you haven’t downloaded ZOOM, the system will direct you to download it when you first click “Go to class”.
  • You can use ZOOM for classes both on your phone and computer. (Please download ZOOM in advance if you choose using phone for the class. )
  • In order to have a successful class experience, we suggest you use a microphone or headphones/microphone combination, and ensure that your network is stable prior to the class. You may also use a high-definition video camera (optional).

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