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Jean-Christian Adrien English Tutor, French Tutor, Haitian Creole Tutor, Spanish Tutor


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Jean-Christian Adrien

Speak English French Haitian Creole Spanish

From United States

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I have taught Spanish and French at the High School level. I also offered Haitian Creole , English, Spanish and French in small groups and online. I independently planned and taught ESL classes to tourism service providers in Cartagena, Colombia. In my classes, I will share my culture with you and I will enjoy learning from your culture also. I am persistent and I will always try to give you extra help outside of class if it's needed. Being able to help someone, sharing knowledge with an individual and seeing the progress made by my students make me love tutoring. Passionate about teaching I have traveled extensively, tutoring high school , college students and adults in Haiti, Costa Rica and in Colombia for the “Travel For Change” program; adults and young people looking to improve their language skills ; While I tutor a broad range of subjects, I am most passionate about Haitian Creole, Spanish, culture and History. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to Soca , dancing , playing soccer, learning new languages , watching anime, traveling when I can and I would like to start with zumba.

Work Experience

Bridge Academy of Haiti

September 01, 2015 - December 01, 2016

Chaired Spanish and French programs in the municipality of Delmas

Administrated language assessments to students

Incorporated songs and dance into the curriculum to address different learning modalities

Implemented components of Costa Rican culture and current events into lesson plans

Chaired Spanish and French programs in the municipality of Delmas

Ministry of Industry,Commerce and Tourism

January 01, 2017 - August 01, 2017

Completed and received a certificate for a one-week intensive orientation and pedagogical training in the city of Bogotá under the instruction of renowned teacher-training institute ÚNICA (Institución Universitaria Colombo Americana),

Independently planned and teaching ESL classes to 40 tourism service providers in my placement city of Cartagena

Turned in monthly reports and attendance databases to a National Coordinator

Implemented 170 hours English training and created educative games such as hot seat, and two truths and a lie

Invited by the Tourism Ministry and by the supervisor to give out two speeches, one in Spanish and the other one in English for being the friendliest, most helpful, passionate teacher about his students and also recognized as a positive instructor about my students.


State University At Albany

August 01, 2011 - December 01, 2014

Spanish/ Sociology


Certificate for designing a language Immersion teaching learning English as a second language with Travel4Change

Certificate Uploaded

Certificate for teaching English as a second language emphasized on Tourism

Certificate Uploaded

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