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Jim Mackie English Tutor


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Jim Mackie

Speak English

From Spain

has taught 3 sessions.

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I am a qualified English teacher living in Spain. I have worked both online and in the classroom. I can help with Conversational English, General English, Business English and Grammar.
I have been teaching since 2011
I love teaching and am a strong believer that making the lessons fun and relevant to the student is one of the best ways for the student to learn.
During my 5 years of teaching, I have worked online and also on intensive courses here in Spain teaching both children and adults
I have been living in Spain for over ten years now, Over the years, I have traveled to and lived in a number of countries. I have worked in sales and marketing in a number of industries including the travel industry.
Away from teaching, ​I love spending time with my family and my animals. I enjoy watching sport, reading and writing.

Experience and Specialization
I have experience working both online and in the classroom.
TEFL Certification
Teaching Business English
Grammar Awareness,
Teaching One-One,
Teaching English to Young Learners,
Teaching Large Classes,

Teaching Style
I like to get the student talking as much as possible. I concentrate mainly on conversational practice but also use other materials when needed.
I like to make sure classes are relaxed and friendly; my main aims are to improve your confidence in English and make the lessons enjoyable for you.

Work Experience

Red Leaf S.L

October 31, 2011 - November 30, 2011

Worked as an ESL Teacher for Spanish Children aged between 8 and 12 on an intensive residential course in Spain. Was responsible for the planing and teaching lessons to the children

Red Leaf S.L

April 30, 2015 - April 30, 2015

Worked as an ESL Teacher for Spanish Children aged between 8 and 12 on an intensive residential course in Spain. Was responsible for the planing and teaching lessons to the children

Berlitz Spain

May 31, 2014 - July 31, 2014

Working for Berliz Spain on the UIMP program teaching Spanish University Students on an imersion course

BVC Berlitz

May 31, 2016 - November 30, 2016

Worked as an online teacher for the online department of Berlitz. My job was to deliver lessons to students based on their pre prepared material. My job included planning the lesson as well as teaching the lesson

December 31, 2011 - March 31, 2017

Working as a freelance teacher offering a selection of classes including conversation practice, general English and business English classes


Royal Russell School Croydon UK

August 31, 1983 - June 30, 1986

High School

Merrist Wood Agricultural College

August 31, 1988 - May 31, 1989

Horticulture - Landscape Construction And Design

East Surrey College

August 31, 1992 - May 31, 1994

Travel And Tourism



Certificate Uploaded

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  • After buying courses, you can arrange the them according to the teacher’s schedule.
  • If the teacher is able to do “Instant Tutoring”, you can make an appointment with the teacher at the upcoming time.
  • If the teacher is not online, the fastest possible course is 24 hours later.
  • If the available time on teacher’s calendar isn’t convenient for you, you can click “Contact Teacher” on the right to discuss with the teacher.

Purchasing notice:

  • The duration of a trial session is about 25 minutes.
  • The duration of a private session is about 50 minutes.
  • If you purchase more than 5 sessions, you will receive a discount. (According to the price the teacher set. )


  • Enter the website 10 minutes before the class starts. Click “Calendar” on the function bar, find the class, click “Go to class”, and then you will be in the classroom on ZOOM!
  • If you haven’t downloaded ZOOM, the system will direct you to download it when you first click “Go to class”.
  • You can use ZOOM for classes both on your phone and computer. (Please download ZOOM in advance if you choose using phone for the class. )
  • In order to have a successful class experience, we suggest you use a microphone or headphones/microphone combination, and ensure that your network is stable prior to the class. You may also use a high-definition video camera (optional).
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