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Shahin Budd English Tutor, Korean Tutor, Spanish Tutor, French Tutor


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Shahin Budd

Speak English Korean Spanish French

From United Kingdom

has taught 2 sessions.

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I'm currently doing my degree at the University of London, SOAS, in Korean, and did a year abroad studying in a Korean university (고려대학교). As for my accents in each of the languages, I have an southern English accent, a Northern/Parisian accent in French, and a southern accent in Spanish from Spain. As for Korean I have a standard Seoul accent. I enjoy doing conversational lessons, pronunciation, grammar, fluidity etc...and I can help with any of things you may be wanting help with. I have taught 1 - 1 to different ages and nationalities around London and Korea and also have worked in a classroom teaching business English and English to children in Korea. I can also help you guys with grammar, which as a language learner my self, I understand how to explain these terms in a simple way. I've done GCSE and A level French, so I can tutor for those too.

안녕하세요. 저는 런던대학교에서 한국어를 전공하고 있다. 게다가 한국에서 1년동안 고려대학교를 다니고 있었다. 영어로 말할 때는 영국식 발음을 쓰고 불어로 말할 때는 파리 방언을 쓰고 스페인말로는 스페인 남쪽 발음을 쓴다. 개인수업을 한 적이 있고 학원에서도 가르쳤다. 한국에서 비즈니스영어하고 애들한테 가르쳤다. 또한 문번, 발음을 더 자연스럽고 유창하게 하고 싶으시면 저한테 연락해 주시기 바란다.

Bonjour, en ce moment j'étudie à l'université de Londres, où j'étudie le Coréen. J'ai aussi fait un an en Corée à Korea University. J'aime faire les leçons de conversation pour aider avec la prononciation, et aussi pour vous aider avec la grammaire. J'ai déjà enseigné des cours en particulier, et aussi dans des classes à des adultes et des enfants.

Hola, estoy en la universidad de Londres aprendiendo el Coreano.También he estudiado durante un año en Corea en Korea University. Me gusta hacer clases de conversación para ayudarles con la pronunciación en cualquier idioma, or con cualquier cosa que queráis. Tengo experiencia enseñando diferentes tipos de clases, en lenguas y edades diferentes. Ademas Como estoy, y he aprendido otras lenguas extranjeras, sé como explicar cosas de una forma fácil de entender..

If you miss a lesson without notice I cannot give a refund.

Work Experience

뮤엠 영어 학원

September 30, 2015 - March 31, 2016

Teaching English to 6-10 Year olds 3 times a week


April 30, 2016 - June 30, 2016

Teaching English to Company employees everyday for 2 hours


June 30, 2016 - August 31, 2016

Customer support advisor



August 31, 2014 - November 30, 2017




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