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You can find a teacher and start to learn languages on AmazingTalker.
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A platform for teaching online

Get more students from online and offline activities

AmazingTalker incorporates both online and offline activities to engage students in diversified language learning opportunities, assisting our teachers find large numbers of students in a short period of time.

Build your teacher brand and create unique courses

All teachers will have a personal profile page where they can edit and customize their courses, share language learning techniques, as well as interact with their students directly.

Get help from our friendly customer service team

Our staff is friendly and reliable. We would like to assist our teachers every step along the way and help resolve any issues they might encounter. Feel free to contact us for more info.

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Begin application and prepare appropriate documents

Which languages can I teach?

You may teach any language you wish, but the language you choose to teach must reach C2 or native speaker level.

Is it necessary to have teaching certification?

Not necessarily, but having more teaching qualifications will attract more students. Please include any teaching certifications you have in your application.

Do I have to have teaching experience?

Yes, you definitely need to have related work experience in order to qualify for this teaching position. Please describe your teaching experience in the application form.

Film an intro video showcasing your class to students

How long should the video be and what content should it include?

The video should be 2 to 3 minutes long. We recommend speaking the languages you want to teach in your introductory video, so students will have a better understanding of your language skills and teaching style.

What platform should I use to upload the video?

The video must be uploaded to Youtube, and the video link should be attached to the application form. The video can be private but must be accessible.

Is it necessary to take an intro video?

Absolutely! The video is a chance for students to get a first look at what teachers have to offer. Creating a good quality video will determine whether students will select you as their online teacher.

Submit application and await acceptance

If I am already an AmazingTalker student, can I apply as an AmazingTalker teacher?

All users can be both students and teachers. You do not need to reapply separately, you can use the same account.

How do I set my schedule and price for teaching?

Teachers are able to set their own schedule and choose the price they want to charge for their classes. Amazingtalker will take a 15% service fee from each transaction. Trial lessons are 25 minutes, individual lessons are 50 minutes long.

Can I revise my application after submission?

Yes, applications have a 3 day revision window, so you may send any changes that you would like us to review. Upon completing your application you can update your information at any time.

Get started and begin teaching students

How do I manage my profile page?

Teachers are able to create the content for their courses, upload related essays or videos, as well as share their daily life with students on their teacher profile page.

How do I get more students?

AmazingTalker offers many online and offline activities on a continual basis to help our teachers get more students. We frequently have teacher promotions and provide discounts for students in order to boost user activity. In addition, we will also recommend teachers to our students according to their demands.

What should my teaching environment look like and what tools should I use?

Foremost, please ensure you are in an area with good internet connection. All the classes should be done via video chat. Teachers should enter the virtual classroom 10 minutes prior to the start time.

Complete classes and get paid

How do I ensure my classes are completed?

The student will confirm that the class had been successfully taken. If the student does not confirm the completion of a class within 7 days, then Amazingtalker will automatically default the class is completed.

How do I get paid?

Teachers will get their income via Paypal or through their Taiwanese bank account. We will charge a 15 NTD fee if it is not transferred through E.SUN bank.

When do I get paid?

The transaction details will show up on your teacher dashboard. Only the money of completed courses will be transferred to your bank account on the 15th of the following month.


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:) Mirjana (Meera) :)

    TaughtEnglish German, has taught 736 sessions.

    Teaching on AmazingTalker provided me with the possibility to also learn - to get to know many people from different countries, to learn about different cultures and customs. All of the people working for AT are very friendly and helpful. You can always count on their support. The company really cares about the teachers and their needs. I feel not as just one of the employees but as a member of a growing family.

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